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T's Story

T is a year 11 pupil at a local pupil referral unit. The Head of the unit and SEN coordinator attended the launch event.

T was referred to Bumpy following issues within school, his ADHD medical condition is controlled by medication, and he also has SEMH issues.

Having a keen interest in bikes T was already involved in riding motorcycles illegally around the street within the local community, his hobby outside of school.

The known triggers of disengagement from learning is when T is around others who are being silly, his delayed cognitive ability shows up when he thinks he can’t do the work. The effective strategies to deal with this are to remove from the group.

These problems then lead to T being removed from mainstream school and being educated at a pupil referral unit.

T became focused on the course, his behaviour in school improved with him becoming a mentor to the younger pupils who find it difficult to control their tempers.

He is sitting GCSE qualifications in Maths, English and sports along with the qualification gained at Bumpy, Level 1 Award in Motorcycle Maintenance.

With the support and guidance from Bumpy staff T has attended an interview at college and has successfully secured a placement to continue the qualification at a higher level.

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