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Bumpy Framework Outcome

Our Outcome Framework is focused on 7 key areas:

  1. Feeling recognised and valued: e.g. feeling welcome on arrival; feeling recognised and respected, listened to and heard; having the opportunity to meet other CYP with similar experiences who understand them.

  2. Feeling as though they matter: e.g. recognising that they are important, have basic needs and can show resilience.

  3. Physical health, Mental health and emotional well-being: e.g. state of physical health; Feelings of anxiety/depression/trauma; feeling cared for and supported; having a sense of purpose/routine; having the opportunity to create peer friendships.

  4. Feeling integrated and connected in their schools and community: e.g. having friends/social networks; feeling they belong at BUMPY or in the place where they live; feeling able to communicate with people in the wider community; feeling able to return to education/training

  5. Able to deal with day-to-day challenges: e.g. Having a voice/able to express their thoughts and opinions; awareness of rights/responsibilities; feel empowered to manage and improve behaviours.

  6. Education opportunities and employment aspirations: e.g. re-engaging with education or training; becoming equipped for employment; feeling hopeful about the future.

  7. Connection, empathy and compassion from the wider community: e.g. feeling positive about becoming part of a community; giving back and feeling valued.


This framework will be used to complete an Outcome assessment at 3 stages:

  1. Initial Assessment and Welcome;

  2. Midpoint (after 5 weeks of engagement) – This will be dependent on the individual case progression;

  3. End/Exit from service – This would be on the completion of CYP Individual Support Plan or when they no longer require 1-2-1 support.

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