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BUMPY (Birstall Urban Motorcycle Project for Youth) is an esteemed registered charity (#702335), established in 1989 as a training, testing and skills centre aimed at young motorcyclists causing a nuisance on wasteland.


In 1984, representatives from the Police, probation service and motorcycle clubs came together in an attempt to provide a solution to the problem, which was making life unbearable for many residents living near these areas. The result was a scheme turning the acquired site into a purpose built track and trials park for bikers to practice their skills legally and without causing a nuisance.

Bumpy is dedicated to fulfilling the following objectives for the greater benefit of the public:

  • Providing or assisting in the provision of recreational facilities for the young people in the West Yorkshire region who, due to their youth, require support to develop their physical and mental capabilities. Our aim is to nurture their growth into responsible individuals who contribute positively to society.

  • Offering vocational training opportunities to young people in West Yorkshire, thus enhancing their employment prospects and equipping them with valuable skills.

  • Contributing to the prevention of road accidents and the preservation of good health by improving the road skills of young individuals in West Yorkshire. Our goal is to reduce the number of serious accidents and fatalities.

  • Advancing the education and training of children and young people under the age of 21, who either personally or through their parents, reside in West Yorkshire and have been convicted of a motor vehicle-related criminal offence. We strive to guide them towards personal growth and societal integration, ensuring they become equipped to lead useful and responsible lives, while also improving their living conditions.

  • Providing recreational and leisure facilities, in the interest of social welfare, for individuals in West Yorkshire who have disabilities, aiming to enhance their quality of life.

To accomplish these goals, we offer:

  • A sprawling 10-acre off-road riding area that attracts over 5,000 members.

  • Delivery of industry-standard motor vehicle studies qualifications to young individuals from local schools and PRUs (Pupil Referral Units). This education serves as a stepping stone to local colleges, opening up career opportunities.

  • Provision of top-tier on-road motorcycle training to the general public, endorsed by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association). Our offerings include CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to Direct Access, and we hold accreditation from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), Kawasaki Training Scheme, and Honda Approved Training.

  • Collaborating with the Police to educate young people on licensing laws and fundamental road rules. By enlightening them about the consequences of committing crimes, we provide a legal alternative, ensuring their safety and teaching them how to ride responsibly within a secure and lawful environment.

Regardless of age, ability, or background, Bumpy is here to help you make the most of your motorcycling experience, emphasising the paramount importance of enjoyment and safety.

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