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CP's Story

CP has a (TAF) Team Around the Family and has an assigned worker.

He is one of 10 half-siblings. He is the only sibling of his mum and dad’s relationship and he is somewhere in the middle in terms of age. Because the majority of the other siblings have a different father they often treat him as the odd one out. His dad lives in elsewhere and there has been talk of CP going to live with him.

With mum his life is quite chaotic and he doesn’t know where he fits in.

Behaviour at school is poor. He has had support with this from our Student Wellbeing Service, Life Coach and Psychologist. He also was assessed by an educational psychologist who found he had low self-esteem and mild depression and anxiety. His attendance is 79.6% which may not sound vastly low, but it has deteriorated significantly this academic year.

Previously he was a good attender with 100% attendance during Year 7 and 99% during Year 8. He’s been excluded on 10 occasions this academic year, mainly for persistent disruptive behaviour, and is at risk of permanent exclusion.

CP was referred through the youth offending team and school. It was thought that being out working in a small group would help with confidence issues and low self -esteem.

Due to the requirement of good attendance at school, this has improved, consequently the dangers of him being become involved in gang culture diminished.

Whilst attending Bumpy CP attained Entry level 3 units in health and safety, tools and equipment and introduction to motorcycle maintenance.

He mastered riding an off road motorcycle to the bronze certificate level, progressing from the tarmac area to the park area.

CP has returned to full time education and his attendance has improved.

He will be moving to year 10 to begin his GCSEs.

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