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Nicholas is 17 yrs old and has Severe Cerebral Palsy which affects his ability to walk and global delayed development.

Nicholas is a very strong determined young man, with the cheekiest personality and contagious laugh who thrives on exciting opportunities given. He absolutely loves Rides and fast cars!

We were given the opportunity for Nicholas to ride on the Buggy’s at Bumpy after Bumpy reached out specifically to children with disabilities. We jumped at the chance as we are constantly trying to find new exciting experiences for Nicholas.

As Nicholas becomes older, activities are becoming harder to access and this can be heartbreaking that he is unable to do certain things due to his disability.

On the morning of Nicholas’s buggy experience, everything went perfectly. We prepared him about what we were doing. There was no waiting, which he hates, which was a fantastic start!

Everyone was so accommodating and nothing was a problem.

We lifted him into the buggy, seat harness over his head and placed the helmet on his head - with no resistance might I add! An achievement in itself!

Nicholas did not stop smiling and laughing from that moment on! He had an amazing time and I was in tears with how happy he was.

With his instructor, Chris by his side assuring him and talking to him, I could see they were both having a blast as they flew past in the buggy and covered in mud.

It’s these experiences that have a massive impact on Nicholas and highlights how amazing he is and how opportunities like this can be accessible to all, no matter what the disability.

Thank you so much to everyone at Bumpy and we hope to see you all very soon.

Nicholas' family x

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