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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses are the first step in on-road riding.


They allow you to ride a 50cc moped (at age 16) or up to 125cc scooter or bike (over 17’s only) on the road, and the CBT is the first stage in gaining your full motorbike licence.


The course takes a full day.

We run CBT courses 7 days a week. Courses normally start at 8.00 am (unless you have been told otherwise when booking) and last one full day and we provide geared bikes or automatic scooters/mopeds.

Please note: The CBT course is about teaching you what you need to know to be safe on the roads, not just how to ride a bike. If you do not reach the satisfactory level of achievement, by the end of the day, then you may have to come back to complete your CBT on another day at an additional expense to yourself.

If you have never ridden a bike before, especially a geared motorcycle, then you may find it helpful to take a basic Motorcycle Introduction lesson before you sit the CBT course. 

It is essential that you obtain and understand an up to date copy of The Highway Code prior to your CBT course AND have a VALID Provisional or Full Driving Licence.

Failure to provide your licence, or your knowledge of the Highway Code is not sufficient, then your CBT will NOT go ahead and you will have to re-book at an additional expense to yourself.


For more information please view our Compulsory Basic Training - CBT info page.

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