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Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy – Terms of Business
Amended on the 17/02/2017

Any questions or grievances with the statements below should be addressed before any transactions are made.

1.1 Cancellations

Cancellations must be made by phone or email. We do NOT accept voicemail or text messages as notification of a cancellation.  If you wish to cancel your course for any reason you must provide at least 7 days notice prior to the first day of the start of your course. Any cancellations within 7 days will result in a loss of fees paid. If you wish to cancel any Full Licence courses there may be additional charges relating to the costs incurred by BUMPY Ltd when allocating your test(s). For more information please contact us. BUMPY Ltd may cancel training courses if the weather does not allow safe completion of the course. If that is so, notification will be given to the student as soon as possible before the start of the course. Any courses that are cancelled by BUMPY Ltd due to bad weather can be rebooked at no extra charge.

 1.2 Rebookings

If you wish to rebook your course for any reason you must provide at least 7 days notice. Any re booking requests within 7 days from the date of the course will result in a loss of fees paid. If you wish to rebook any Full Licence courses there may be additional charges relating to the costs incurred by BUMPY Ltd when allocating your test(s). For more information please contact us.

1.3 Refunds 

Full refunds can be requested up to 7 clear days from the date of the course. If you wish to cancel your course and receive a refund you must provide at least 7 full days notice prior to the start of the first day of that course and you MUST also provide us with the receipt number. We will NOT offer a refund unless a valid receipt number can be provided. Return of payments must be made in the same way the original payment was received by BUMPY Ltd. If a valid receipt or proof of purchase cannot be provided then a refund may be offered in the form of gift vouchers that can be redeemed at a later point. However BUMPY Ltd reserves the right to refuse a refund if no proof of purchase can be provided. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to appear back in your account. Full Licence courses that require BUMPY Ltd to pre register candidates with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) can be refunded but may incur charges. If a course has been paid for by cheque a £5 charge will be incurred by the customer for any refunds.

1.4 Refunds of Online Payments

Due to the high charges incurred by BUMPY Ltd for all payments made online, refunds will only be offered up to 30 days from the date of payment. These 30 days will include weekends and bank holidays. Refunds may be subject to administration charges. If a payment has been allocated to a course then point 1.3 of BUMPY Ltd’s Terms of Business also applies.

2.1 Deposits

All deposits placed for training courses are non refundable and only transferable under terms of section 1.2 above.

3.1 Legal requirements 

BUMPY Ltd is a DVSA approved training centre. As such all activities carried out by BUMPY Ltd are governed by the DVSA. BUMPY Ltd has an obligation to complete all training courses to the guidelines set out by the DVSA. Part of that legal obligation is to ensure that all students meet the required legal standard. Students must be able to provide a valid UK licence at the start of any training or courses booked through BUMPY Ltd. If an “old style” paper licence is being provided then a valid passport must also be provided. Both the passport and the licence must be valid and in date. It falls to the student to ensure this is the case before the booking of any courses.

3.2 Relevant Documents

It is necessary that a valid UK driving licence be shown to the instructor on arrival. European licences will NOT be accepted. . It is important to check the photo card has not expired. If displaying a Paper style licence a valid, in date passport must also be provided. No other form of photographic ID will be accepted. A National Insurance number must also be provided so that we can check the licence on the DVLA website to make sure the student has the correct category and also to check for any endorsements or disqualifications. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the licence is valid before attending any of the training courses. If a valid licence cannot be provided the student may not be able to take part in the course resulting in a loss of course fees. For all DAS, A2 or any other FULL licence courses a valid (category A) Theory test certificate must be produced alongside a valid UK drivers licence and CBT certificate. A motorcycle test cannot be taken if the student does not provide a valid UK drivers licence, CBT and Theory test certificate (unless otherwise informed by the DVSA/DVLA). Again the responsibility for producing such paperwork falls solely with the student.

3.3 Suitable Clothing

Students taking part in any training courses must wear suitable clothing that offers reasonable protection. If the instructor of the course feels that the clothing worn is inappropriate then that student may be asked to rebook. If this is the case then additional fees may be applicable. As of the 01/07/11 the DVSA have introduced new standards for all practical Motorcycle Tests. These new standards require any candidates taking a motorcycle test to wear protective clothing. Failure to wear suitable protective clothing will result in your test being cancelled and a loss of fees paid. Please contact BUMPY Ltd for more details.

4.1 Privacy

All information passed to BUMPY Ltd will be treated as confidential. As such no information will be shared with any other company or organisation. Certain information that may be seen to be relevant for future liaison with customers may be kept on record. BUMPY Ltd may then use this information to distribute marketing material. If you do not wish your details be kept on any kind of record please make this known to the advisor you speak to. Private information such as credit card details will be disposed of once no longer of use. All data held meets the requirements set down in the Data Protection Act. BUMPY Ltd is compliant with the standards set out by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)

5.1 Offers and discounts 

BUMPY Ltd will often advertise promotional offers for courses and services. These offers will be governed by terms and conditions specific to the offer. These terms and conditions will be clearly marked alongside the offer. If you require further information about terms and conditions and presented offers please email BUMPY Ltd. It is important that you fully understand the terms governing any promotions offered by BUMPY Ltd before you enter into any kind of contractual agreement.

6.1 Gift Vouchers 

Gift vouchers must be presented at the start of your course. BUMPY Ltd will retain the gift voucher. The vouchers are only to be used once. Failure to produce your gift voucher will result in your course being cancelled and all fees will be lost by the customer. A gift vouchers is a visual presentation of a previous transaction and is subject to the conditions set out in our terms of business. In the event of a cancellation of a booking and where a gift voucher has been purchased the gift voucher may be kept by the customer to be used at a later date (if complying with section 1.1). If a cancellation has taken place where a gift voucher has been used and notice complying with such statement has not been given then the customer will be liable for the outstanding balance. A record will be kept and payment must be taken before re-booking a course. All purchases made through BUMPY Ltd will adhere to our Privacy Policy. If you would like to know more please contact info@bumpy.org.uk

7.1 Course Agreements 

All instructors currently registered with BUMPY Ltd are DSA Approved and have many years of riding experience. All students attending one of BUMPY Ltd courses must agree to follow the instruction of the appointed registered instructor (within reason). Any students that fail to meet this vital requirement may have their course cancelled. Course Agreements will need to be signed by the student before the start of their CBT course. In signing the course agreement you (the student) are agreeing to the statements set out in our terms of business. These Course Agreements will be kept by BUMPY Ltd as proof of attendance of any course.

8.1 Complaints

Complaints must be made in writing to BUMPY Ltd. If a resolution cannot be made between the customer and BUMPY Ltd the complaint will be passed to the Driving Standards Agency. The DSA will then act as a mediator between the customer and BUMPY Ltd. The DSA will not get involved with any complaints relating to contracts between the customer and BUMPY Ltd including payments and refunds.

10.1 Road Traffic Violations

Any persons in control of one of BUMPY Ltd’s vehicles take full responsibility of any violations regarding to road traffic laws. Relevant details will be passed to the appropriate authorities if requested. The student or person who the offence relates will also be informed.

10.2 Illegal/Inappropriate Behaviour

Any illegal or inappropriate behaviour displayed by the student whilst taking part in any training or courses may lead to that training session or course being cancelled without notice or refund and may also lead to further legal action. Any illegal or inappropriate behaviour will be documented by a member of staff.

11.1 Customer Vehicles

Any vehicles supplied by the customer for use on any training courses conducted by BUMPY Ltd will not be covered by BUMPY Ltd’s insurance policy. As such the responsibility falls with the customer to ensure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and meets the relevant legal requirements. “L” plates must be clearly displayed front and rear. Proof of vehicle tax, or tax exemption, must also be provided. A valid MOT certificate must be shown to the instructor at the start of the course (if applicable). A letter of insurance and a relevant log book (V5) must also be shown to the instructor at the start of the course. If the instructor feels that the motorcycle is not appropriate for use on the booked course the students will not be allowed to take part in the course.

12.1 Medication

If the student is taking any medication or requires glasses it is important to make sure that the instructor is aware of this. An eyesight check will be conducted at the start of some courses. Instructors are not permitted to administer any medication. If the instructor feels that the course cannot be completed safely due to medical reasons the student may have their course cancelled.

Any questions can be emailed to info@bumpy.org.uk

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I recently went on a three hour one to one training session for my 62nd birthday and I've got to say I felt like a kid in a candy store . It was brilliant and that's due to the expert training I received from Dan my friendly true full instructor thanks again Dan.
P.S. I'll be back .
Yours Rob.

Rob Dyson   

After a personal recommendation, I had a pre-CBT lesson with Martin and then took my full CBT course the following week. Martin is a brilliant instructor, very patient and thorough and also full of praise and encouragement. I am very impressed with Bumpy, all the staff are welcoming and helpful and I am really looking forward to taking my full licence tuition with you.

James Miller   

first visit to Bumpy at the weekend had a fantastic day staff brilliant we will be back and paying our membership many thanks guys

Phil Grimshaw   

Hello. I had my CBT today with Jo and she was great. Exactly the right person to teach you. She teaches you to ride properly not just pass a test.


I would like to say that both Alan and Andy, my instructors, got me though my motorcycle test, these guys are very knowledgeable and took me from being a complete novice to passing my mod1 & 2. I can recommend Bumpy I enjoyed every minute of my lessons, highly professional. Thank you to all the staff at Bumpy.

Andy Claridge   

Attended at Bumpy for an hours trials experience with coach Roger and had a ball.

I've been riding moto cross and endure for years and fancied a go at trials.

All the kit and bike supplied, Roger quickly assessed my ability and put me to work.
I never knew riding slowly could be so tough and at the same time so much fun.
Roger worked on the basics then put me into some basic sections where I could practice.
A great time, learned new skills and now looking for my own trials bike.
A well organised event, great staff in a very friendly environment , highly recommended.

David Steas   

After a fall 4 years ago I decided to give it another go. Kev got me past my fear of emergency stops and swerving straight away and I passed mod 1 and mod 2 first time. After driving for 20 years I learnt a fair bit about the highway code from kev and Andy with their advanced knowledge. Professional, calm and able to have a laugh, Really enjoyed it guys. Thankyou.


Ian Davies   

I would like to extend my gratitude to bumpy for getting me through my DAS, Jo and her husband did a fantastic job of giving clear and concise tuition. Many Thanks.


I'd like to express my thanks to the organisers and observers at the Julian Ford Memorial Trial at Bumpy's on the 21st November. An excellent event to make a comeback at and have already made lots of new friends!

John Wood   

I received trials tuition at Bumpys and it improved my skills significantly. They are a great bunch of people and I always enjoy my visits there.

John Wood   

Thank you so much for all your patience, care and understanding with my son as he did his CBT. his mild learning difficulties mean he often needs extra time and your instructors provided this in bucket loads. He's one happy fledgling biker tonight and I'm a very proud mum x

suzanne gould   

Great few months training for my Direct Access. Andy, Allan and Mark the instructors were all excellent right the way through. Concise in their direction and not afraid to tell you when you'd made a b*!#s up. I'll be back in the summer to Join in any organised rides. Thanks again. Excellent set up.

Matt Ellis   

After passing my bike test in July 2013, I would just like to thank Caroline, Allen, Andy and Mark. These guys will definitely get you your bike license as long as you are willing to listen and follow instructions.

The instructors are all very friendly and down to earth, they are very approachable and always happy to help.

If you are wanting to take your CBT or mod 1 & 2 this is defiantly the place to take it with the added benefit of contributing to a worth while charity!

Having passed my test last year I am now the proud owner of a Suzuki GSXR 1100, Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa and a Honda XR650R supermoto not to mention me new friends at Bumpys.

Highly Recommended! Ride Safe!!!


I did my CBT at Bumpy along with some pre-CBT sessions. Everything about the experience was outstanding including the trainer, Andy Clayton. Exactly the right mix of show and do, ask and tell, fun and work. I've come to motorcycling relatively late (I'm 54). Andy recognised this and somehow has managed to get me from miles outside my comfort zone to somewhere near it! Theory test booked for 23rd October. Next stop after that - back to Bumpy for conversion to a bigger bike. Thanks.

Chris Chilton   

Thank you to all for getting me through my DAS from managment to instructors a big thank you to you all, an extra thank you to mark and carol dont think i could have done it without you two at the back stage of training

Ben Hartley   

After a one hour lesson with instructor Chris, my six year old son is now itching to go again. And now has a level of confidence on a bike that completely surprised me.
Excellent venue and excellent staff big thank you to all staff at bumpy

Rob Jenkinson   

Had a brilliant time today!
My wife brought me a trials experience lesson for Christmas and being as I am heading towards my 50th birthday and never ridden off road before I was a bit apprehensive.
I needn't have worried, Dan was an excellent teacher and I had 2 hours of fun!
Thanks Bumpy!
Look forward to seeing you at the NEC later in the year!

Graham Miles   

I passed my Direct Access on the first attempt last year, thanks mostly to the enthusiasm, patience, expertise & good humour displayed by all 3 of my trainers & office staff at Bumpy. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Keith Matthews   

I had an unexpected day spare and Bumpy was the only DSA Approved School able to fit me in for a CBT at such short notice. Great school and very capable instructor. I'd not ridden a motorcycle for more years than I care to remember but Bumpy soon had me back on track. Instructor Mark was a knowledgeable and experienced teacher with what I thought was a very good understanding of what it takes to become a competant motorcyclist on today's busy roads. Many thanks to Mark and Bumpy for getting me through the CBT and I look forward to further training after completion of the theory test.

Jon Douglas   

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Julian who was my instructor for my recent 1/2 day trials training day. He was very patient with me and as my confidence grew we progressed onto more difficult sections. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to finds out what trialling is all about.


Andy Taylor   

Enjoyed today's beginners trial, very good sections for those inexperienced riders like me, well organised, very friendly and when my weekend commitments allow, I'd like to return.

Well done, Larry Carter, British Superbike Championship Series Presenter

Larry Carter   

Until Wednesday I had never ridden a motorbike and went on the Pre-CBT I loved it that much and the instructor who showed total patience that I booked for my CBT on the Thursday.

I would just like to thank everyone at Bumpy from the man on reception who took his time and showed patience and explained every thing over the phone to the instructors professionalism a 110% around service.

Richard Towse   

Absolutely fantastic!

Passed both Mod1 and Mod2 first time thanks to Andy and Mark.

I had a great time, riding on really good bikes with a really friendly instructor, the tests were actually quite enjoyable too! Mod1 in the thick fog, and Mod2 - a nice sunny day's ride!

Thanks again Andy, All the best, Ben

Ben Moorhouse   

Passed my DAS part two test today, despite being nervous as anything.

Thanks to the instructors for their excellent training, hints, tips and ideas along the way. Their patience is outstanding and I think I shall miss having them talking to me when I'm out riding! Andy was my first instructor helping me through the conversion to a bigger bike, a lovely guy who helped to start my confidence building and was the epitome of calm when I dropped the bike!!

A nice finish to my time with Bumpy by having him take me for my part two test today, thanks Andy for getting me through it. Another of my instructors was Mark, who took me for a lesson on the part one test area, I certainly would have failed my part one had it not been for him showing me what to do. He is very good at making you feel calm on the bike and gives some great advice. Thanks a lot Mark! I only had one lesson with Paula, but she really knows her stuff. Some of the questions I had that I thought were probably a bit stupid, she answered and also helped to once again build my confidence. Thanks Paula.

So, thank you Bumpy. Appreciate your help in getting me there! See you in a couple of years when my son decides to start riding.


Belinda Knott   

I would just like to thank Bumpy for helping me to achieve my CBT :)

The advice which I got given was invaluable and the way in which you approached different parts of the CBT and presented it to me was great!

Thanks for helping me achieve a pass....now for the road part hahaha :)

Jonathon Maguire   

I first learnt to ride at Bumpy over 15 years ago, now i've just bought a new bike and have been there twice now with plenty more visits planned, still great friendly staff and great fun.

Daryl Thornton   

Hi Julian and Dan

Thanks for a great Trials day at Bumpy.

Thanks for your help and advice, you have a great set up for the novice & beginner and I will recommend you to all.

I will be back for more !

Peter Andrews   

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the team at Bumpy and most of all the Instructor who put me through my CBT yesterday.

I had one of the best day's I've ever had for a long time it was fun and most enjoyable, Thanks

His dedication and experience as an Instructor he made me feel like I could do anything.

I hope to see you all again.

Karl A Griffiths   

Thank you to everyone for getting me through my bike test in such a quick time.

I was really suprised how quick i did it with all me being blonde and all, lol.

Thanks again.

Donna Stephenson   

Just recovering from my first time back on a trials bike for 30+ years, I have had the best hour of fun I have had for years, many thanks to Julian, looking forward to lesson 2 next week!!

David Milner   

I wasn't convinced I could do it ... but Mark was adament!

Massive thanks to him for a fabulously enjoyable CBT! Fantastic instructor.

Will be back for DAS as soon as I can get through the theory test!

Claire Wheeler   

Thanks for a great day.

When i turned up to BUMPY's for trials training i wasn't quite sure what to expect as i had never done any off road motor biking before.

I found the staff very friendly and helpful. My instructor was brilliant and the facilities are very good.

Everyone should try trials riding as its such good fun.


Wow, what a day... Did my CBT on Sat... If someone had said I would be riding a bike at 60mph a month ago I'd have told them they were barking... but thats what I did and its all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the guys at BUMPY.

Thank you soooo much... I'll be back...(and not just because you said I didnt look 40!!!! You know who you are..)

Thanks again


Had a great day of trials tuition with Dan Thorpe on wednesday and would highly recomend it to all !

David Lowis   

I'd like to thank Mark who recently helped me through my CBT!</p

Mark made the course very relaxed and enjoyable and has given me more confidence to continue with my full test!</p

Thanks for the top advice and excellent tuition!</p

Shaun Howdill   

I'd just like to thank Mark for making my day's CBT informative and enjoyable and for giving me the knowledge to stay safe on the road.

Looking forward to progressing to my Full bike test now.

Thanks Again

Darren Barclay   

Thanks to all instructors at BUMPY for getting me through my test, it's a brilliant feeling to have passed and I couldn't have done it without you.

I would recommend BUMPY to anyone.

Thanks for everything.

Alan Fisher   

Cheers guys (n girl!)

Passed everything 1st time with ease!

All your instructors are sound, with great advice and there friendly too. Made whole experience really enjoyable.

Really big THANK YOU :-)

Mark Ledger   

Really enjoyed myself on Saturday,it had been raining hard, so wet and muddy this time, great!

Can't wait to come again. There is nowhere like this near where I live in Luton so can only come when visiting nan and grandad, so can't wait till next time.

Tanis Yeomans   

Massive thanks to Dan Thorpe and Bumpy's staff for the trials training day last week.

Results tell us Dan is a great rider but he is also an excellent teacher/coach.

A brilliant and well run day covering all aspects of trials riding for all skill levels of the riders attending.

If you are a novice or an experienced rider book a days training at Bumpy's, it will improve your riding and boost
your confidence no end.

Excellent venue too! A dedicated trials park, bike hire, jet wash, toilets and even a kitchen to make yourself a brew. Trials riding has never been this good, do not even think about it join Bumpy's and enjoy.

Thanks again Dan, stunning day!

Pete Smithies   

A big thanks guys!!! you made me feel very welcome and enjoyed every minute, ill be popping over for that coffee soon!!!


I was riding to Leeds today and i pulled up on Dewsbury / Leeds Road. As it was very windy I pulled up and out of nowhere came a Bumpy Instructor stopping to find out if I was ok!!!

Not bad, Not bad at all.

A big thank you to the gentleman!!

Mick Bickerstaffe   

Passed DAS so going to be a positive experience but more than that I received relaxed and enjoyable tuition and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.

Both bike instructors were knowledgeable, patient and approachable.

I would recommend BUMPY On Road training courses for those wanting to venture onto a bike safely.

Thanks very much guys.

Gavin Lord   

Thanks to everyone at BUMPY for all your training and teaching me how to ride on the road.

Had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of adrenaline flowing throughout.

Thanks guys for making me feel relaxed and confident...so much so that I passed my DAS test first time on Monday with only one minor point.

I've still got a big smile on my face. Can't wait to get a bike now!



BUMPY is a Big Lottery Funded Charity

Supported by Garfield Weston Foundation

BUMPY Ltd is a DVSA Approved Motorcycle Training Body
BUMPY Ltd is a DVSA Approved
Motorcycle Training Body

Auto Cycle Union

BUMPY Ltd is a Honda Approved Training School
BUMPY Ltd is a Honda
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